Hey, Max here. 

In Australia right now, with Ryan. I’m wanking all day while he works and sort his shit out. 

I went out by myself yesterday. 


I was on fire. Make out with around 10 girls. 3 DOUBLE MAKE OUT. (Making out with two girls at the same time) 

I was being really dominante, but really chill at the same time. 

I’m trying to slow down my game, to had some mystery to it, some poetry. 

Look at Jim Morrison for exemple . . . That’s the kind of vibe I want to give.

Slow voice, eye contact, slow movement.  

THE ONLY problem, was that a guy got mad at me and push me around, So I couldn’t go back in the smoking area, where I usually pick up girls caus the security guy wanted to avoid conflict . I’M NOT A VIOLENT GUY. 

Anyway, I DIDN’T PULL. But I’m getting back in the process. 

I just need to find a girl that I like, and go all the way with it. It’s like I’m staying in set too long, or I’m leaving a solid set to open an other caus I want to get ALL the girls. 


25th of november we are leaviiiinnnngggg for MALAYSIA. 

See yaaaaa 


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