SUPER Cheap Way to Party (GET FUCKED UP) in Southeast Asia

    A BIG part of backpacking and traveling when you’re in your twenties is DRINKING.
But in this article I’m not talking about having a chill beer on a beautiful beach. I’m talking about GETTING FUCK UP. And you’ll have multiple occasion to get fucked up in Southeast Asia.

    I know booze is already pretty cheap there, but some of us travel on a really tight tight budget. So spending 5 dollars a night to get drunk is too much.

    The solution, is to do like at home . . . drink before you go out (or on the street)



    A 600ml beer in a 7/11 will cost you around 40B ($1,30). It’s cheep but not that strong.
If you look next to the beers section, there’s a brown class bottle, with a Blue and orange sticker. THAT’S SIAM SATO

    It’s only 23B, and it is stronger than any beers over there. After one of those you’ll feel pretty tipsy drunk.
They don’t taste that good, but they do the trick.


That’s some fucked up shit.  After too much of it, I had a total black out. AND IT COAST ONLY LIKE 50B

You’ll find the bottle behind the counter at 7/11. It’s the drink consumed by local hobos, and fucked up people.


Any bottle of local wisky will do the trick. Just mix it with coke.
The funny thing is that the coke is more expensive than the wisky haha.


    Beers are cheap, but if you want hard stuff, go to any local shop, and by the local whisky. You can fin some funny one, like the one on the picture above.

That’s all I know for now guys.
It’s weird that I’m posting that caus I’m officially stopping alcohol at the end of the month.

So long.



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