MALAYSIA – KL to Tioman Island – Tioman Island to Malaka.

    Malaysia is a cool country. It’s cleaner than most of the country in south east Asia, people are friendly as fuck, there’s an awesome melting pot of cultures (Chinese, Malai, Indian . . .), AWESOME Beaches and a lot of cats.

    We arrived on Sunday evening at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, took a bus to Chinatown where we could find the cheapest acomodation. Over there we met Steve, a friend of a good friend. He is traveling south east asia as well, and HE LOVES TO PARTY. We heard the craziest story about this SOB, so we really wanted to meet him.

    We stayed in KL for few days and then took a night train to a small little town where we could hitchhike from. The only problem was that we arrived in the middle of the night, no place to go, so we slept on the floor in front of a Mosque.

    In the morning we hitchhiked to Mersing, and then took a boat to Tioman Island. We hiked through to jungle for 3 houres to get to that crazy, empty, awesome, calm, superbe beach called Juara beach. Stayed at a place called Beach Shake for 3 days. Surfed, snorkled chilled, and went on a Burger Crawl for Maxs 22nd birthday.

Took the boat back and hitchhike to Malaka, 5 houre drives from Mersing. Went on a ride with an Indian Gangster trying to make us pay for the ride, got picked up at the back of a truck, fun times.

Now in Malaka.

YES YOU REALIZED IT. THERE’S NOT MUCH TO PILLAGE IN MALAYSIA. No huge parties, it’s not like Thailand or Cambodia. We haven’t seen a white girls in 4 days haha.

But soon enough we will be partying our ass off for Xmas and new year in the Thai Islands. THAT WILL BE FUCKED UP.

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