Arrive in Lao after a 35h bus ride from vietnam. 

We go to that big ass waterfall in Luang Prabang. 


T and Myself

I start chatting that hot girl, her name is T, then she pulled away. As we get to the water, I grab her hand a lead her to the rope swing, that we do together. I wanted her to associate the strong emotion with me. As I get in the water and swim toward her, she swim around, not engaging me. She’s making me chase. I Like 

I then ask her group and ours, if they want to to go a trek through the jungle.

At this point I have a Walking stick, so people assume that I know the jungle and follow me. 
As we get to the top, I grab her, look in her eyes and kiss her. It;s a really small kiss and then she pulled away again. I then let het go back to her taxi, asking het to come down to the bar where I’m playing music tonight.

We kept on trolling around the waterfall messing around with people, talking to chicks, building momentum, we FEEL UNSTOPPABLE.Image

The night time is coming, I start playing music at this place called UTOPIA. I got all the attention for a while.

When I’m done playing people come to me and felicite me, and of all the girl I could have picked, I go back to T. After what we lived at the waterfall I feel really connected to her. More Involved.

We talk, kiss more, go back to my place and have sex (No 108). Her body is banging. 

The few days that followed, I WAS SICK, and got attached to her. I realised some new insecurity I got, about jealousy and such. That I went all the girls, but girls can only have me. 

We still keep on hooking up until the last day, and I leave, feeling a bit melo. 

We then hitchhike to Vang Vieng. It feel awesome the 4 of us, at the back of a pick up truck. It’s magic 







We get to Vang Vieng around 7 and it’s not the party town I’v been in 2 years before. Since they shut down the main attraction (Tubing, going down a river on a tube, stopping at multiple bar to get fucked, dance, jump from swings and slides. AWESOME).

Se we get ready for a quite one. 

Go to that bar. There’s a guitar and a mic, I sing a few songs, the owner want me to come back and play again. Not many girls, until I see two sweet Dutch girls I talked to in Luang Prabang. We go to a Local weading, then to a local club it’s fun BUT I DONT LIKE THAT GIRL. 

She’s a 18 years old hottie, who think she can allow herself everything, keep on jumping around everywhere, and is super insecure. At some point I’m ready to leave her there. Can’t deal with that shit. But I go back in and tell them that we’are ging to an after party. They leave the 5 guy they were with and come with me . . . SWEET

We get on the side of the street and start smoking joints, they are fucked, so I decide to toy with them a little, the second one is 20, way cooler, but not as hot. 

“YOU GUYS SHOULD KISS” they do, we kiss, we touch, playfully drawing attention to my boner. 

We go to their place, I ask for a single room, we get in, and start the foreplay. 

I got amazing doublehead, go down on both, fuck both. IT’S MY FIFTH THREESOME YOOOOHOOOO 

So after fucking both, I go back to the 20 year old one, and the 18 one go to the bathroom. After 10 min we start to worry, and found her crying blablabla regret, booze, weed. I try to fix it, nothing I can do, I just fuck off. 

BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN. No Booze, 2 girls at the same time (No 109 and No110)

I tried to post my new videoblog a few time but youtube is giving me shit. It’s about getting drunk on people. I’ll do my best soon.






Hitchhiking and nice people


After one day exploring Hue, walking around the old town, stopping to eat at every little corner to experience the local food, we wake up the next morning at 7 and decide to go a bit more north to DONG HAI (lots of dongs in Vietnam). 

Same story, jump on the bike with the guys, get dropped at a gas station, wait 5 minutes and get a ride. 

This dude don’t speak English, he is Christian, not Buddhist, has a nice fast car so it’s a chill and smooth ride for 80 km until he drop me in the middle of an other city, 100km away from my destination. It doesn’t sound far, but when you look at the road here and the condition of the traffic, a hundred kilometer is a fucking journey. 

I wait at this bus stop for around 30 min, less or more, all the people around look at me with curiosity, so I just smile at them and they all smile back. When you hitchhike in France or other western country you get easily frustrated by the people ignoring you, or driving with a disgusted expression on their face. Here YOU EVEN LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO TAKE YOU.  They all smile and wave at you.  
Still no one stop for me but a few local mini van who ask for 5 dollars.

So I start walking, and instantly a guy stop and pick me up. He start talking to me in Vietnamese and I just look at him and smile. After an hour we stop for coffee, and he ask me to get my stuff of his car. At this moment I understood that he wanted to share a coffee with me and then let me find an other ride caus he was done. We seat here for some time, saying nothing, until some other Vietnamese dudes arrive and they start talking and laughing. I assume I’m the subject of the conversation. He then look at me and make the international rubbing fingers sign of “MONEY”. 
I then told him that we agreed on a free ride. He laughing at that. So I told him I’m paying for the coffee to thanks him. He smiled, and when the bill arrived, refused to let me pay and then he tried to give me 5 dollars (on average a Vietnamese make 150 $ a month) 
I’m touched by this. In a country where in touristic places you’re a walking wallet, here in the middle of nowhere this total stranger offers me money. If I was really traveling with no money I would have accept it, so I refused politely and have him my biggest smile. (thé Int muscle i work out in this trip are my jaw muscle … From smiling so much)

Seeing that, the people around at the cafe did their best to find me my next ride, so they stopped my next ride for me. 

A local bus. I’m trying to tell them that my goal is to travel for free as a challenge, but they don’t speak English and force me I minivan. 
It’s packed with people, bags of rices, luggage and even a wooden statue of Buddha occupying a seat. I’m greeted by 8 curious look. So I give them in answer a cheeky smile and try my best “xin ciao” (hello in vietnamese) 
Immediate laughter, smiles and answer I can’t understand. Then this lady who seems to be to ticket lady start talking to me and showing me numbers with her finger. I figured she wanted some money. So I told them I don’t have any for the ride but I can sing them a song. So I take my guitar and start playing some Elvis Presley, then replace all the lyrics by my limited knowledge of Vietnamese. Everybody is amused, laugh. AWESOME.  I then seat down on a bag of rice for about 20 min until the bus stop and they start unloading most of the “stuff” in there. So I start helping them. They go fast. Really fast. Something you have to understand is that those mini bus mental. They pass over truck in curves at 70 km an hour, honking left and right to signal their position.
Now that most of the shit are out their space for me to seat. So I just chill until they drops me at my destination. DONG HOI. 


We took the bikes and I rose with Ryan and Dani all day to an amazing national park. Got lost in the fog and rain, explored one f the biggest cave in the world, racing for sunset caus we had no light on the bikes. It was a real ADVENTURE. I remember Ryan saying something like ” if we make it home, this day will be a fuckig awesome adventure, but if we die, it’s not as cool”. 
We finally made it back, went to get a sandwich in town and the people at te sandwich shop invited us for dinner with them. Wonderful people in Vietnam. 

I learned in this few days the importance of giving, sharing. Those people made my day, so know it’s my turn to give, help, love. 

But at night, don’t you guys worry, I will still Pillage the world. There’s time when days ate filled with adventures and wonders and times where pillaging and shagging prevail. Mouhahahaha

First day of hitchhiking 29.01.2013

Comfort zone are really comfortable … No shit !

I was traveling with a group of awesome people, I had good friends, a super hot girl at my side, fun times, but I wasn’t fulfilled.

The traveling became flat, going from town to town, buses to buses, hostel to hostel, club to club, but something was missing. ADVENTURE. 

So today I made the choice of letting Gil and Alex go to Lao, said goodby to my girl, and join Ryan and Dani (the Spanish guy) on their motorbike cruise around Vietnam … But I have no bike. So I hitchhike by myself, joining them at different checkpoint.

We left Hoi Han at 10 in the morning, sharing a ride on Ryan’s bike to the highway and on the road there something horrible happened.
As we are driving, we notice that the trafic is stoping, so we get closer and saw it… A little lady caught in a motorbike crash. A helmet shattered on the floor, her, lying down on the concrete, her head half smashed, laying in a pool of blood. 

It was the first time that I see something so horrible in real life. I couldn’t help but feel sick and depressed after that. We all did.
I realized that I was leaving in my tourist bubble, safe and hidden. I realized  that I am not invisible, it could have been us. If we didn’t stop at the petrol station 5 min before we could have been in the crash.

After that it was hard to get myself in a mood of smiling and talk to the local to get a ride to Hue (150km north). But after 15 min at this gas station a truck stop. And I climb in with this 2 Vietnamese gentlemen who don’t speek a single word of English and just stairs awkwardly at my cowboy boots and my huges rings.
After an hour I’m starting to sink, so I jumped in the back and sleep for a while.


When I wake up it’s time for lunch. We shared this beef noodle soup and when it’s time to pay, they ask me to pay for the meal. I’d seams like a good trade knowing that the bus ride to Hue coast 17 dollars.
One man staying at the restaurant ask me where I am from, and when I tell him “French” at first he cant understand, until I mimick the clasique  Zidane head to the chest shot. He finally understand ,reach for his phone and call one of his mate who speak French. Couldn’t get most of what he was saying but he invite me over for some tea at his house. I was tempted to go, but I’m supposed to meet Ryan and Danny in hue. So I have to refuse the offer.

2.26 PM We hit the road again. This truck is super slow, we are going 15km and hour up hill, and 50 in normal condition. It’s ok with me after the dreadful sight of this morning.

Times goes by, I sleep a lot. Usually when I hitchhike I try to entertain the people, but when they don’t speak your language there’s not much you can do.
Around 6.30 PM we arrive at destination. I walk around town and find Danny and Ryan. We go for food and for a drink. No girls around so we go to bed.

For a first day of hitchhiking in Vietnam, it was a pretty quiet and easy adventure, it we forget the event of the the morning. By getting out of my comfort zone I experience feeling that I had forgotten. I’m living a life adventure not just some crazy night of partying and sex. I can party at home, but what I’m living now is unique, and a huge life lesson.