First day of hitchhiking 29.01.2013

Comfort zone are really comfortable … No shit !

I was traveling with a group of awesome people, I had good friends, a super hot girl at my side, fun times, but I wasn’t fulfilled.

The traveling became flat, going from town to town, buses to buses, hostel to hostel, club to club, but something was missing. ADVENTURE. 

So today I made the choice of letting Gil and Alex go to Lao, said goodby to my girl, and join Ryan and Dani (the Spanish guy) on their motorbike cruise around Vietnam … But I have no bike. So I hitchhike by myself, joining them at different checkpoint.

We left Hoi Han at 10 in the morning, sharing a ride on Ryan’s bike to the highway and on the road there something horrible happened.
As we are driving, we notice that the trafic is stoping, so we get closer and saw it… A little lady caught in a motorbike crash. A helmet shattered on the floor, her, lying down on the concrete, her head half smashed, laying in a pool of blood. 

It was the first time that I see something so horrible in real life. I couldn’t help but feel sick and depressed after that. We all did.
I realized that I was leaving in my tourist bubble, safe and hidden. I realized  that I am not invisible, it could have been us. If we didn’t stop at the petrol station 5 min before we could have been in the crash.

After that it was hard to get myself in a mood of smiling and talk to the local to get a ride to Hue (150km north). But after 15 min at this gas station a truck stop. And I climb in with this 2 Vietnamese gentlemen who don’t speek a single word of English and just stairs awkwardly at my cowboy boots and my huges rings.
After an hour I’m starting to sink, so I jumped in the back and sleep for a while.


When I wake up it’s time for lunch. We shared this beef noodle soup and when it’s time to pay, they ask me to pay for the meal. I’d seams like a good trade knowing that the bus ride to Hue coast 17 dollars.
One man staying at the restaurant ask me where I am from, and when I tell him “French” at first he cant understand, until I mimick the clasique  Zidane head to the chest shot. He finally understand ,reach for his phone and call one of his mate who speak French. Couldn’t get most of what he was saying but he invite me over for some tea at his house. I was tempted to go, but I’m supposed to meet Ryan and Danny in hue. So I have to refuse the offer.

2.26 PM We hit the road again. This truck is super slow, we are going 15km and hour up hill, and 50 in normal condition. It’s ok with me after the dreadful sight of this morning.

Times goes by, I sleep a lot. Usually when I hitchhike I try to entertain the people, but when they don’t speak your language there’s not much you can do.
Around 6.30 PM we arrive at destination. I walk around town and find Danny and Ryan. We go for food and for a drink. No girls around so we go to bed.

For a first day of hitchhiking in Vietnam, it was a pretty quiet and easy adventure, it we forget the event of the the morning. By getting out of my comfort zone I experience feeling that I had forgotten. I’m living a life adventure not just some crazy night of partying and sex. I can party at home, but what I’m living now is unique, and a huge life lesson.


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