10 days meditation retreat and Tibetan budhisme class at the Kopan Monastery. Nepal.

Day 1 :

I arrived in the monastery from the busy neighborhood of kathmandu after a soft night of partying. I’m welcomed by a nice monk, inspirational quote on the wall and a code of
Good conduct forbiding me from:

killing, stealing, lying, sexual miscounduct, and use of intoxicant

After I signed, got my guitar gently taken from me (not allowed), I can’t help but notice as I right my name on the list, that there’s a clear majority of girl taking the class. A lot of hot one !!!

NO SEXUAL CONDUCT. I’m here caus I want some kind of rehab from girls and sex. I’m tired of getting no satisfaction.

So I stay away. As I go for tea in the dinning hall I try to seat down far away from girls. Until some started to seat next to me. Cute ones. So I made my best not to speak with them . . . 2 min later I was giving the ” I want you” eye contact to every nice girl haha.

6pm: introduction to the monastery and what we will learn by our teacher, a Swedish none who’s been there since the 70’s

7pm: dinner. Start chatting up a cute and sweet Australian hippy.

8pm: first meditation. Was hard but nicely guided.

Day 2, 3, 4

The planing is :

5.45 am wake up and tea, 6.30 am meditation, 7.30 breakfast, then teaching, lunch, break, teaching, tea, meditation, Dinner, meditation and Q&A, then at 9 BED

SILENCE from morning to lunch. No communication.

In this 4 days I realized that :

– I like budhisme
– Buddha is not a god
– meditation helps a lot
– I have to take what I can take from the teaching but some of it is religious Dogma.
– I should not harm any being and I should spread happiness around me through compassion and wisdom.
– I came up pretty quickly with a technic to wipe my ass with only water and soap.

On a girl side. I became pretty close with the oz girl. But because of monastery rules and rules I gave to myself I don’t close. So she’s getting really into me.
The fact that I’m also Getting into this 29 years old actress from New York is not helping. And on the 4th day I started fancying a third girl. Loosing attraction for the Oz one.

ALL THAT WITH NO SEX. I feel like I’m 10 again. But with game haha.
I guess it’s a good training to create rapport and comfort with a girl.

The day went by and my faith in Buddhism grew until I decided to take refuge and officially becoming a Buddhists.

I Learn so much and meditation gave me a lot.

Our whole group went partying after. I stayed totally sober. Web onstage in this bar and sang a few rock song to my friends. They fed me so much good energy that I went crazy and had my best stage experience.

I have a BIG ego problem. Caus I live an awesome life, and I love telling stories, I end up spreading too much, and trying to impress. I should keep more in. Say less.

Now I need to meditate everyday a little bit. Keep the good habit. Spread love and compassion. And offer my karmic seeds to te women of the world

Taking my flight for turkey in a few hour. See you there








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