When I was in Pai, Thailand, my good friend Harry introduce me to the dice.
He was simply asking a dice to make decision for him. I felt really curious and I wanted to know more.

It all come from a book named


By Luke Rhinehart

The principle are simple, you give the dice from 1 to 6 option. It could be a destination, something to do, someone to be, someone to fuck ….
You basically relieve yourself of all responsibilities. (and so much more if you read the book)

You know this hard feeling you got when you want to go to bed but in the room next door sleep a hot girl you flirted with all day, an you don’t know if you should talk to her. THROW THE DICE. NO MORE DILEMA

So I wake up yesterday morning at 7.20 am ready to leave Phokara, direction Kathmandu.

How should I go ? Hitch hiking, local buses ( little overpacked bouncy shitty bus that take 8 hours to do 300 km) or tourist bus.

One throw of the dice and I’m set for a tourist bus. TURNS OUT they all leave the bus station at 7.30 so I’m to late.

At this point I feel like goin by hitch hiking BUT the last time I didn’t respect a dice decision, Karma got me. (I was suppose to stay sober all day, but by 10pm I smoked a joint and it killed me. I felt like shit …)

So I decide to stay one more day and leave on the morrow.


I move my stuff to Pierre’s room and he is sharing it with a cute German girl.
We start chatting and we all go to that little cafe to chill and get stone.

Over there I make my sloppy moves. Raspberries on her belly, declaration of love …

Then the evening time comes, and she goes to the room to get some of he stuff. Myself I just seat here with my friend doing nothing. Until I remember that I have to wash my hair. So I ask the dice if I should go now. YES.

I GO. Find myself in the room with little German cutty. Ask her to help me for the shampoo and shower. We kiss. And she did help me in the shower. And later that night before I went to sleep.
No sex caus period, but we still had some fun.

Now I’m really on my way to Kathmandu.
Tomorrow I’m gonna start a 10 days Tibetan meditation class. Hopping that it will help me with some of my obsession, insecurities and such.


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