Hello From Turkey.

Threesomes are AWESOMES, NO SHIT
But they dont happen all the time haha.

I had 5 in my life. Only from cold approach. All differant sexual experience. But all great. Nothing as good as being seated in a pimp couch, looking at two girls fucking each other and calling you over. Or two blond head working at your manhood.

In the morning, you’ll feel like you’re the pimp that fucked the world haha

Try to be good with one girl, then you can try for 2.

Sometimes you just have to try

Two option :

Cold Approach, find two friends, create a playfull vibe, make them compete with each other, then say you can’t pick one, so you have to get both. FUN, always. Dont be creepy.

GIRLFRIEND : find a sexualy open girlfriend, and go pick up girls together, or make her call her friend. Jeffy had a lot of threesomes like these, you can read everything in GET LAID OR DIE TRYING. Amazing book.

And dont forget to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, smile, and have fun, it’s just a game.


Going pass the sexual needs

It used to hitch me.
I was in places where girls were not to my taste. No parties. No action. No sex.
And it made me feel angry, unsatisfied, sad, sick. I had this constant need of validation, pleasure. The fact that I stopped masturbating wasn’t helping in this case. I felt I was boiling. Ready to explode (if you are going out in an environment full of women, then abstinence from masturbation helps. It gives you more intent. More energy. More power)

Now it’s been nearly a month since the last time I blew my load. BUT I FEEL GOOD

After spending 10 days at Kopan Monastery, I learn that I was chasing sense pleasure
And the problem with those sense pleasures is that they give you short term satisfaction. And after a few hours you want more.
Like food when you are really hungry. You eat, the first bites make you feel amazing. At peace. Happy. And then you start to get full and the pleasure is gone.

The solution, as simple as it is, is to know that real happiness can only be found inside. By living HERE AND NOW.

As much as I’d like to have sex with 2 amazingly looking Turkish women right now in a steaming Hammam, I know that it’s not the answer. I should just chill in the moment, be mindful of everything I’m doing, meditate.

Meditation helped a lot as well. It doesn’t mean that I should stop going out and chill in a park all my life. But just when the girls, party, possibilities are not there, or when you look at girls without taking action during the day, instead of worrying and building sexual pressure, just breath in deep, enjoy
It, accept it fully.

Now I do my best to walk around town, with the Buddha smile on my face, being present and mindful. And people get dragged in. Open conversation. Girls smile back at me. An I don’t feel any block.