it’s the last night in Budapest. The plan is: staying at the hostel, cooking some food and watch POOTY TANG.

And then little 18 year old English girl that I met the day before (not the virgin I was with) shows up.

Picture a little 18 year old blond girl, dressing like a poshy and classy 50 year old English lady, smoking cigarette after cigarette caus he make her look like she’s from MAD MAN.

I approached he the night before. She was seating by herself at the hostel. she came out with us but I was not into her. Hostel girl are always a back up plan if you can’t pull out.

So today I’m about to start POOTY TANG. And I see her outside. Go straight to her, dance on her like a striper and kiss her. Invite her for the movie. We watch it as we fool around. Then I tell et about THE DUNGEON.

Ryan told me about the DUNGEON when he went and finger bang a girl there. It’s the underground area of the hostel used by the staff as a laundry room.

So I take her there. And she go nuts. Rip her cloth off. I have no condom so we just go for for play. She blow me like a pro. I film her with her iPhone. Put her panty in her mouth when she scream. Crazy underground sex to complete this evening.

On this note. I’m off to bed.



Ps: today at the thrift shop I met a really hit Greek girl. Talk to her. Followed her in the changing room and tried to make out with her. No success. That was awkward but I loved it.



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