August 20th 2013.

We are going out.

It’s hard here. Girls are intimidating. That’s what’s good with international travel. You have to adapt to different type of girls, cultures . . .

It takes some time to get warmed up. We approach some girls. Mine is a hot older girl. Until a chose come and told me I have to stop dragging her … He doesn’t like my physical game. I acknowledge him, saying hello blah blah. And go back to the girls. They go in a club. I don’t want to pay. We go somewhere else.

Find those two Australian girl. Drag them in a karaoke. They were suppose to go meet some dude but we stole them away. It’s gong nowhere they disappear.

I talk to a romanian blonde. Tight body. Hot face. We sing. We make out. She has to work in the morning. Can’t her to take me home with her. We say in hostel. Shared room. So it’s tough to pull. And for a girl to invite you in her house, she has to be so into you that she could bang you on the spot.

We move somewhere else. More approach. Both make out with two local girl. Until Ryan go for the DONG GRAB. His girl freak out. Pull mine away. Fuck it.

In the street we start talking to some girls when a local dude that look like a drug addict with fucked up teeth start interrupting us.

He speak to me in Polish. He is drunk. I don’t understand. The girl leave. We feel the shit. He try to slap me for no reason. I stop his hand. He his with 5 friends.

One if his friend comes to Ryan and he is so drunk he fall on the floor.

Me and Ryan stand there. Saying that everything is cool. They keep on coming at us tryin to slap us. We start walking away. They follow us for like 100 meters. Trying to get us to fight. We ignore.


But I did nothing. I learned in my retreat I the Tibetan monastery that violence is nt an option.
When one. His slap got me. My fist clenched, and I felt like pinchig the dude as hard as I could in the face.
But I Took a deep breath in and left. We could see in the background the other friends waitin for us to fight so they could jump on us.

After this I really felt like a bitch. I asked myself and Ryan ” Are we not man ? Are we bitches for walking away ?”

Some might say yes. But I think that real man don’t fight. Real man walk away. Unmoved. Are able to move on.

So straight after we approach more girls. Until we wen to bed.

I still fill a bit shit about it. But it’s all about my ego. My man ego. FUCK THAT. WALK AWAY FROM THE EGO AND NEGATIVITY. I WILL NOT FIGHT.

Peace mofos


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