What is awesome with the gay pride is that you can dress gay. When you dress gay, girl are not threatened by you. Therefore they let you touch them at inappropriate time and places.

THEN YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM YOU’RE STRAIGHT. And at this point she dont give a shit. She’ll either be relived caus the guy (YOU) she was attracted to is 1. Not gay. 2. Available to fuck.

Or she can freak out. Then it’s fun to deal with it haha.

We did that in Amsterdam and had a great day. Touched so many boobs, made out with countless girl. Fingered two girls at the same time. And got a public blow job from an other girl in an alley. Day light. AND A LOT OF FUN

AND NO DUDE GRAB MY ASS. They stared at me. They gave me the look. But when you start making out with girls left and right they quickly realise that you’re not for them.

So Gay Pride, Great place to pick up girls. And also to open your mind to an other culture. Gay dude know hot to have fun. They play the best music, look fun, have fun, and will respect you.



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