So I meet A on the Internet 2 years ago.
This year she’s 18. Starting a modeling career.

A welcomes me in Paris. We go to a club and she introduce me to X, a sexy blond Russian model.

I start hooking up with X.
Then leave the place without saying bye. Leaving X wanting for more.

The next day, A come to the place i’m staying at. We talk. Have a drink. Then I jump on her and get a quick BJ.

A also tell me than X wants to fuck me and when I left the club the night before she was screaming : where my cock ? I wan my cock !

I go with A to a really big club. X join us. Try the threesome but X won’t share.

So I go with my friend and X back to house, no sex caus studio apartment with 4 people.

Next day go meet X at her place for food and sex. Awesome sex and food.

Them I go to a friend first djing gig. Dance there. Meet Italian girl. Start makin out. Pull to bathroom. Fuck.





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