Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA


Been in NY for a few days already and had only a small night out where I went to high class party and realized that with no money and no suit I still get more attention than some wall street guys.

This day we went to Mister Sunday a hipsterish day rave in Brooklyn.

Ryan and myself are staying with P and American girl we met in Lao.
She’s a hot gel and got hot friend. BUT YOU DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT.

We arrived to a massive line, we get to the front, talk to the bouncer who let us in in exchange of a lemonade haha.

Inside it’s great. Great music, people, ambiance.
So I slowly warmup by approaching different girl.

I get my first instant make out of the night with a hot Irish blond. She rub me and then is gone into the night.

Then I meet this hot Italian girl, she’s here with mama. So I go meet mama and ask for her daughter hand. We laugh.
I take her to the dance floor. We dirty dance like Patrick and Baby.
She give me her number. Refuse the kiss. And invite me to a party. As she is leaving I meet this petite Mexican girl with green eye. A little chubby beauty.

We kiss after a few minute. Go to an other bar. As we kissing she tell me I’m really LATIN.
And I realize that since I enjoy dancing and I’m going out to have fun, Latina girl like me better.

We in a cab to her house. He pay of course caus I’m broke and she’s a big producer here.

As we get to get place we smoke joints and have sex. She tell me I’m DIVINE HAHA.

I really loved this day. I had an amazin time and was really glad to be alive, travling the world. Meeting good people.

I had multiple girl telling me that they where really glad I talk to them caus I’m fun and entertaining.
And I believe it’s how I bring value. Trying to make those people around me enjoy their time.

AN OTHER LESSON FROM THE BUDDHIST MONASTERY : In order for oneself to be happy, it comes from the willingness of making everyone around you happy. ( tried to sound deep, but I might have fucked up haha)


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