Spend 3 days in New Orleans at my friend M. She’s a professional singer song writer.

First nigh out we go to see her live at the House of Blues. We get backstage pass. But not a lot f action back stage. Next thing we know, we are hanging out in the super VIP area of the house of blues. Bu same stories, it’s empty.

Th next day we go o meet some of M friend in a bar. On of them is a ex model. Business woman. Fashion designer. Super successful girl. HARD GIRL. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I show her that I’m not impressed by her, but still respect her achievement. It goes well until she et insecure drunk when I start talking I an other Californian hotty that she knows. I ignore her. She get pissed and leave. LESSON LEARN I did too much.
So I start gaming the Californian girl. She’s a bitchy, Hipster, blond girl.
Not the kind of girl I like to hang out with. And not hot enough for me to go through her bullshit. BUT I STILL DO FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

Get her to come with us to an other bar. She resist a lot. Push pulling me. I’m being super nice and genuin. Telling her that I know she’s insecure, and she put a bitch shield on. Hugging. Telling her I love her. BUT from time to time, I call her out on her bullshit.

End of the night come. We make out. I finger her in the street. And she storm off by herself saying she’s going home.
I ask her if I should walk her home (never do that. Don’t ask permission.) She say no.

I walk in the bat to meet Ryan and M.

Why didn’t I walked her home ?

Caus what values to me is the last night I’ll spend with my friend M. This Cali girl is not worth it. And I don’t feel like chasing after her for sex.

We get back home. I get high. Play a few of my song to M. And she made tell me that I should do something with my music.

Reaching for the next level : not being dependent of sex or girls to be happy.


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