After a few days crossing the Texas country side, I arrived in Phoenix where I met with my friend C and his Girlfriend.

We hang out a lot. Went out a few time. I met Tyler Durden from RSD in a grocery store. Had a few good moment with a tall as fuck blond country hotti.

AND TONIGHT, I went out to meet the RSD inner circle crew.
And let me tell you, those guys are motivated, and there’s a lot of hem. Nothing will stop them haha.

They got me in a gods mood and I got to have a great night. Motorboating hottie’s, few good interaction.

I was just in a ditch, caus Ryan is not traveling with me anymore, I didn’t go out in a while, I was a bit intimidated by the fact that people here are colder …
But after that night out, I’m pumped. Like I’m rediscovering my skills. Challenging them.

I also notice that back in the day if I didn’t hook up with anyone, I felt like the night was bad. But tonight nothing to crazy happen but still I had a great time.