MY FRIENDS, A new adventure is starting.


After traveling with Ryan for 1 year we decided to take separate route. Why ? Cause it’s for the best. It’s more challenging. More scary. More rewarding. It’s all about stepping out of our comfort zone. And traveling in a duo was awesome for as long as it lasted, but it’s time for something new.

For you it mean twice more video YEAH

I’m starting an adventure that should last around 6 month. Where I’ll be hitch hiking through Latin America. From Mexico to Brazil.
A lot of surfing, people, music, and fun.

IN THIS EPISODE : I arrived in a strange town, with no friend, no plans. And I make the best of it. Discovering the local people and the joy in the Mexicans hearth.



MEXICO – Gudalajara and how to become the man you want to be and not give a shit about what people think of you.



I was really glad to see my friend and visit the country but … Fuck America is not my favorite place haha. It’s empty, to big, to sad, to AMERICAN. I enjoyed driving through the Texas Country side, getting drunk in Nashville, fashion shows in New York, roaming through the country BUT I’m so happy to be in Mexico !

I’m now traveling by myself and rediscovering my travel.
I’v been in Mexico for about 15 days now and can’t even explain how happy I am (even tho I have a tooth that hurt, a fucked up nose, dirty dusty cloth, haven’t took a hot shower in a week, been sleeping on the floor of a barn with the company of scorpions and cold nights, and a dry throat) My soul and my spirit feels inspired and really happy again !

I arrived in Guadalajara knowing no one. And after a week and some socialization I made friends, girls friends and got invited to spend a week in the Mexican Siera in a indigene School giving music workshop to kids. I’m writing from there right now. In the middle of nowhere. A huge smile on my face. The pleasure of sharing what I love with kids. And the joy of being surrounded by a group of amazing spiritual and loving people.
Seating by a fire every night singing songs, sharing stories, learning Spanish. Great life.

All this make me think of the people talking shit about this blog in America. It is seen by a bunch of girls as a macho, disrespectful to woman blog. And in a way I understand why. Caus when I started it I wasn’t the most respectful guy haha. But for those who can read through the lines, you’ll see the evolution in a way I describe and see woman. But it’s so much easier to focus on the negative. So much easier to talk shit instead of taking action towards the life you want. Let’s just complain and be sad. It’s just easier than being happy and seeing the good thing. I see kids here with the dirtiest cloth, playing in the dirt, walking kilometers for water, only owning one pen and one book for school and you know what, THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST SMILE ON THEIR FACE.


Bring us to our next subject : YOU WANT TO LIVE HAPPY, STOP GIVING A SHIT. AND BE HAPPY.

People will always talk shit. There’s nothing you can do about it. Now matter what you do. So just let them talk and do what you gotta do. And be a good person in the present. That’s it. There will always be haters. ALWAYS. And you’ll soon have pitty for the hater. They are usually the less fortunate. The insecure. The egomaniac. The sad and depressed. So don’t hate them back. When you see one of your hater, give him a smile and ask him what’s up. DONT GET IN DA HATIN CIRCLE YO !

Anyway. I’m back to my amazing life that I decided for myself. I’ll see you soon, hopefully bringing some value and inspiration to your house !


NEXT: Hitch Hiking to the coast of Mexico to surf with my new friend B !!







Hello San Francisco. Sorry bro, but I ain’t gat no flowers in my hair, yet.

Arrived on Monday, I’m welcomed by my friend S, a really cool guy I met in Nepal.
We spend Monday an Tuesday going around town. Chilling. Eating burrito and smoking Pot like locals do.

Wednesday night : we go to this house music party where a DJ I met in Croatia is playing. He get us in for for free and give us wrist band for the backstage area (the importance of socializing AMD creating contact)

I chode around for an hour, dancing on great music until I start talking to some hot nerd lady. Then I meet her crazy fucked up friend. She looks super weird in a hot way. And I’m like “when in SF, you gotta go weird ”

Turns out she is big in the music industry, and also really fucked up, so I decided to go back in the club and let her go.

As I walk back I talk to that petite super cute but chubby girl. After a few word exchanged I’m asking where she stay. She say Hostel and she had ” in a single room”
For those of you with social retardation this little single room comment = come to my hostel I’m down to fuck

So I do so. Ride a cab with her. Have some ok sex. She was pretty good in bed.
For a while I thought of not pulling her to find something more interesting, but the night was ending and I didn’t feel like walking for an hour to get back to where I stayed.

Saturday : went to a party for my birthday

My friend was DJing. So we got in for free. I was jumping around everywhere. Meeting a lot of people. Then at 3 in the morning when the party was alright. I went with my friends to a private party. It was crazy. We out to walk down those stairs under that building and suddenly you arrive to this crazy rave.
Over there I met a girl. We left the party at 930 in the morning. Both pretty f***** up. when we got to her place we took a bath together. Felt so good. I went down on her. And we both passed out

I had a great experience in San Francisco. It’s a great city was great people.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for los angeles where I’m going to spend 2 days with a girl I have met in Louisiana.
And on Wednesday night I’m flying to Mexico.

The backpacking adventure starts again. this time I will be by myself.


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