Hello San Francisco. Sorry bro, but I ain’t gat no flowers in my hair, yet.

Arrived on Monday, I’m welcomed by my friend S, a really cool guy I met in Nepal.
We spend Monday an Tuesday going around town. Chilling. Eating burrito and smoking Pot like locals do.

Wednesday night : we go to this house music party where a DJ I met in Croatia is playing. He get us in for for free and give us wrist band for the backstage area (the importance of socializing AMD creating contact)

I chode around for an hour, dancing on great music until I start talking to some hot nerd lady. Then I meet her crazy fucked up friend. She looks super weird in a hot way. And I’m like “when in SF, you gotta go weird ”

Turns out she is big in the music industry, and also really fucked up, so I decided to go back in the club and let her go.

As I walk back I talk to that petite super cute but chubby girl. After a few word exchanged I’m asking where she stay. She say Hostel and she had ” in a single room”
For those of you with social retardation this little single room comment = come to my hostel I’m down to fuck

So I do so. Ride a cab with her. Have some ok sex. She was pretty good in bed.
For a while I thought of not pulling her to find something more interesting, but the night was ending and I didn’t feel like walking for an hour to get back to where I stayed.

Saturday : went to a party for my birthday

My friend was DJing. So we got in for free. I was jumping around everywhere. Meeting a lot of people. Then at 3 in the morning when the party was alright. I went with my friends to a private party. It was crazy. We out to walk down those stairs under that building and suddenly you arrive to this crazy rave.
Over there I met a girl. We left the party at 930 in the morning. Both pretty f***** up. when we got to her place we took a bath together. Felt so good. I went down on her. And we both passed out

I had a great experience in San Francisco. It’s a great city was great people.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for los angeles where I’m going to spend 2 days with a girl I have met in Louisiana.
And on Wednesday night I’m flying to Mexico.

The backpacking adventure starts again. this time I will be by myself.


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