I’m in Mazunte. A beach in Mexico.

Invited by a girl A that I met and loved in NYC. It’s hers and 35 of her friends. Mostly girls. In a house.

As I get there it doesn’t take me long to have sex with A. She’s sweet, great in bd, great energy.
I’m really tired so I decided not to cum. Trying to hold my ejaculation using technics of this books I’m reading about multiple orgasm for man.

As the night start, I’m feeling good. We go for dinner. After dinner I feel sick. To much food.

STAY UP, and party.


Every one head on the beach to light candles and shit. I see cute girls from the party, L. She look shy and a bit lost. I realize she doesn’t know many people in the group. Like me. So I grab her hand. And run away from the group to the beach dance floor.

We dance, we kiss. We kiss hard !!! Grave her hand and drag her to the house (in front of the beach)

And we had sex. It’s been 30 min in the new year and I’m already swimming in a beautiful Vaj from Argentina, under the start, outside of the house. GREAT

The rest of the night was not that crazy. Was in state. Danced a lot. Made out with a few girl. Fingered and other next to a fire. Blablabla.

Partied until 7.30 am. No alcohol. No drugs. Just high on life.


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