BEACH BUM, no paper, no underwear, no worries.


Here I am in San Cristobal with no money and no paper.

So I go to the beach caus FUCK THE COLD. I join 3 French friends in a van adventure back to the Beach where I celebrated new year, Mazunte.

After a western Union transfer and a stop at the police station, I’m ready to enjoy the beach life.

Playing music in bars for money, chilling with no underwear, surfing everyday, meeting girls …. Great life.

I met this 36 year old AMERICAN tantric master babe that I took back to my creepy room for some tantric sexy. Had a great experience. Great fun.

After that we left for Puerto Escondido, a world famous surf spot. We stayed at la Punta. Over there I met with my Old friend from Sri Lanka.

Same deal surfing every day, no undies, hand job on the beach by a Greek girls.

And then the Trashy Hot English blond happened. 24 years old. Had 2 hearth attack, peed in my bed after I fucked her. Always on drugs. A wreck.
But next to that she’s a smart sweet, hot and charming girl. So the next day I spent the day with a more sober version of her.

What I realize is that being an attractive confident man create a lot of trouble around you. So many guys gave me nasty look after I hooked up with her. A lot of them wanted that girls for weeks. And the jealousy was strong. I was really scared that I was gonna get beat up by a local idiot with to much love for that hot blond.

Should I lay low and be more discrete ? How is that possible when you have the hottest girls around under your arm ?

Now I’m in Mexico City. Expecting some craziness.

See ya


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