Back on thy Road

FINALY !! Been stuck in Shreveport or way too long ! Had a lot of fun with my old friends and new friends there. But at some point enough is enough.

For some of you who are only interested in my sexual action, I had sex with 3 girls there. And for Drama reason, I will not say more about it 🙂

Now I’m back on the road. Direction California. In Austin Texas right now, writing from the toilet seat, one of the longest shit of my life. Fuck you American Diet. Time to be back on the healthy lifestyle.

To quote Ricky Gervais : ” being healthy is basically dying as slow as possible”

Let’s see what will happen. (just won a free burger)

Stay RAD y’all





Spend 3 days in New Orleans at my friend M. She’s a professional singer song writer.

First nigh out we go to see her live at the House of Blues. We get backstage pass. But not a lot f action back stage. Next thing we know, we are hanging out in the super VIP area of the house of blues. Bu same stories, it’s empty.

Th next day we go o meet some of M friend in a bar. On of them is a ex model. Business woman. Fashion designer. Super successful girl. HARD GIRL. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I show her that I’m not impressed by her, but still respect her achievement. It goes well until she et insecure drunk when I start talking I an other Californian hotty that she knows. I ignore her. She get pissed and leave. LESSON LEARN I did too much.
So I start gaming the Californian girl. She’s a bitchy, Hipster, blond girl.
Not the kind of girl I like to hang out with. And not hot enough for me to go through her bullshit. BUT I STILL DO FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

Get her to come with us to an other bar. She resist a lot. Push pulling me. I’m being super nice and genuin. Telling her that I know she’s insecure, and she put a bitch shield on. Hugging. Telling her I love her. BUT from time to time, I call her out on her bullshit.

End of the night come. We make out. I finger her in the street. And she storm off by herself saying she’s going home.
I ask her if I should walk her home (never do that. Don’t ask permission.) She say no.

I walk in the bat to meet Ryan and M.

Why didn’t I walked her home ?

Caus what values to me is the last night I’ll spend with my friend M. This Cali girl is not worth it. And I don’t feel like chasing after her for sex.

We get back home. I get high. Play a few of my song to M. And she made tell me that I should do something with my music.

Reaching for the next level : not being dependent of sex or girls to be happy.

Fashion Show Pull

FASHION SHOW PULL. New York September.

So yeah, after that little party’s last night meeting fashion people, we get invited to this super exclusive fashion show.
I’m trying to get a date to come with me but nothing works out.
I still go.

Welcomed by our friend J who have us 3 tickets, and Introduce us to B, a sexy tall girl who is supposed to show us around.

I quickly start dancing with her at the show. We have a good time. When the show is over we go to the lobby and get buzzed on free pink gay drink.

She was supposed to go home but I get her to stay and party with us.
We kiss.

We head to those food place and at some point she say she’s going home to Brooklyn but I cant come with her.


“I’ll walk you home. Sleep on your porch. Walk you to work in the morning”

Of course Once at her place I get in and have sex. Great sex. Since I started to read the multiple Orgasmic man by Mantak Chia, I have way better sex and stronger orgasm. Make me feel real confidant when I’m about to pull caus I know I will rock it.

In the morning I took the train with her back to manhattan. Kiss good by.

An other little love romance. It’s all about love guys. Be the cold ass pimp, but be a loving one.

That girl was number 130. I’m not too much into counting anymore but it’s nice to see how I’m progressing. Since I left in average i’v been with 1 girl a week. That’s pretty sweet.

Also quality girls. When you don’t drink you are more picky and hook up with better girls. The kind Of girl you want to bang in the morning and share breakfast with.

Leaving for Ohio now. Gonna stay for a few days there and then get THE VAN. American road trip is starting.

We’ really like to meet the inner circle across America. A bit disappointed by the new York one. For a big city there’s not much going on.



Brooklyn, NEW YORK, USA


Been in NY for a few days already and had only a small night out where I went to high class party and realized that with no money and no suit I still get more attention than some wall street guys.

This day we went to Mister Sunday a hipsterish day rave in Brooklyn.

Ryan and myself are staying with P and American girl we met in Lao.
She’s a hot gel and got hot friend. BUT YOU DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT.

We arrived to a massive line, we get to the front, talk to the bouncer who let us in in exchange of a lemonade haha.

Inside it’s great. Great music, people, ambiance.
So I slowly warmup by approaching different girl.

I get my first instant make out of the night with a hot Irish blond. She rub me and then is gone into the night.

Then I meet this hot Italian girl, she’s here with mama. So I go meet mama and ask for her daughter hand. We laugh.
I take her to the dance floor. We dirty dance like Patrick and Baby.
She give me her number. Refuse the kiss. And invite me to a party. As she is leaving I meet this petite Mexican girl with green eye. A little chubby beauty.

We kiss after a few minute. Go to an other bar. As we kissing she tell me I’m really LATIN.
And I realize that since I enjoy dancing and I’m going out to have fun, Latina girl like me better.

We in a cab to her house. He pay of course caus I’m broke and she’s a big producer here.

As we get to get place we smoke joints and have sex. She tell me I’m DIVINE HAHA.

I really loved this day. I had an amazin time and was really glad to be alive, travling the world. Meeting good people.

I had multiple girl telling me that they where really glad I talk to them caus I’m fun and entertaining.
And I believe it’s how I bring value. Trying to make those people around me enjoy their time.

AN OTHER LESSON FROM THE BUDDHIST MONASTERY : In order for oneself to be happy, it comes from the willingness of making everyone around you happy. ( tried to sound deep, but I might have fucked up haha)


So I meet A on the Internet 2 years ago.
This year she’s 18. Starting a modeling career.

A welcomes me in Paris. We go to a club and she introduce me to X, a sexy blond Russian model.

I start hooking up with X.
Then leave the place without saying bye. Leaving X wanting for more.

The next day, A come to the place i’m staying at. We talk. Have a drink. Then I jump on her and get a quick BJ.

A also tell me than X wants to fuck me and when I left the club the night before she was screaming : where my cock ? I wan my cock !

I go with A to a really big club. X join us. Try the threesome but X won’t share.

So I go with my friend and X back to house, no sex caus studio apartment with 4 people.

Next day go meet X at her place for food and sex. Awesome sex and food.

Them I go to a friend first djing gig. Dance there. Meet Italian girl. Start makin out. Pull to bathroom. Fuck.





What is awesome with the gay pride is that you can dress gay. When you dress gay, girl are not threatened by you. Therefore they let you touch them at inappropriate time and places.

THEN YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM YOU’RE STRAIGHT. And at this point she dont give a shit. She’ll either be relived caus the guy (YOU) she was attracted to is 1. Not gay. 2. Available to fuck.

Or she can freak out. Then it’s fun to deal with it haha.

We did that in Amsterdam and had a great day. Touched so many boobs, made out with countless girl. Fingered two girls at the same time. And got a public blow job from an other girl in an alley. Day light. AND A LOT OF FUN

AND NO DUDE GRAB MY ASS. They stared at me. They gave me the look. But when you start making out with girls left and right they quickly realise that you’re not for them.

So Gay Pride, Great place to pick up girls. And also to open your mind to an other culture. Gay dude know hot to have fun. They play the best music, look fun, have fun, and will respect you.




August 20th 2013.

We are going out.

It’s hard here. Girls are intimidating. That’s what’s good with international travel. You have to adapt to different type of girls, cultures . . .

It takes some time to get warmed up. We approach some girls. Mine is a hot older girl. Until a chose come and told me I have to stop dragging her … He doesn’t like my physical game. I acknowledge him, saying hello blah blah. And go back to the girls. They go in a club. I don’t want to pay. We go somewhere else.

Find those two Australian girl. Drag them in a karaoke. They were suppose to go meet some dude but we stole them away. It’s gong nowhere they disappear.

I talk to a romanian blonde. Tight body. Hot face. We sing. We make out. She has to work in the morning. Can’t her to take me home with her. We say in hostel. Shared room. So it’s tough to pull. And for a girl to invite you in her house, she has to be so into you that she could bang you on the spot.

We move somewhere else. More approach. Both make out with two local girl. Until Ryan go for the DONG GRAB. His girl freak out. Pull mine away. Fuck it.

In the street we start talking to some girls when a local dude that look like a drug addict with fucked up teeth start interrupting us.

He speak to me in Polish. He is drunk. I don’t understand. The girl leave. We feel the shit. He try to slap me for no reason. I stop his hand. He his with 5 friends.

One if his friend comes to Ryan and he is so drunk he fall on the floor.

Me and Ryan stand there. Saying that everything is cool. They keep on coming at us tryin to slap us. We start walking away. They follow us for like 100 meters. Trying to get us to fight. We ignore.


But I did nothing. I learned in my retreat I the Tibetan monastery that violence is nt an option.
When one. His slap got me. My fist clenched, and I felt like pinchig the dude as hard as I could in the face.
But I Took a deep breath in and left. We could see in the background the other friends waitin for us to fight so they could jump on us.

After this I really felt like a bitch. I asked myself and Ryan ” Are we not man ? Are we bitches for walking away ?”

Some might say yes. But I think that real man don’t fight. Real man walk away. Unmoved. Are able to move on.

So straight after we approach more girls. Until we wen to bed.

I still fill a bit shit about it. But it’s all about my ego. My man ego. FUCK THAT. WALK AWAY FROM THE EGO AND NEGATIVITY. I WILL NOT FIGHT.

Peace mofos